Director’s Note

001As we acknowledge West Chester Dance Works’ 32nd year of reaching communities through dance, we invite you to be a part of taking dance to a new level. It has been proven that dance builds communities and enhances   the lives of both the dancer and the viewer. But what if this very unique form of communication was used to speak to those who are hurting, broken  or confused? How do we answer questions not easily verbalized? What if people are reached at a level that would stimulate conversation and awareness, breaking through barriers that have kept many silently suffering, feeling invalid? What if the end of the performance is the beginning of individuals increasing their ability to connect to one another, beginning a path to a more productive and fulfilling future?

Diane- Winter dance festival- reach with group

West Chester Dance Works, taking dance to this new level will find answers to these questions, as we continue the development and service of our company. We thank you for contributions in the past to help us make a difference in the lives of many and look forward to our collective efforts to uplift others for a stronger future. “Dance in excellence” is just the beginning. Diane Matthews, Executive/Artistic Director

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