Relevate Youth

An invitation to participate in an assembly focusing on body image has opened our eyes to a greater need of our youth.

How can communities overcome the obtrusive barriers to healthy and productive lifestyles that are threatening today’s youth?

In partnership with local schools and community organizations, WCDW’s “Relevate Youth” project seeks to address barriers in youth development while affirming and building feelings of self-worth through interactive dance programs.

What does it mean to “Relevate”?
In ballet, the term “relevé”, literally meaning “lifted”, refers to rising up on one’s toes. Similarly, “elevate” means to raise something to a higher level or position.
By “relevating” our youth in collaboration with community partners, West Chester Dance Works will:
 • help to improve self esteem and peer-to-peer support
 • increase healthy lifestyles through physical activity and education
 • create a link between artistic expression and advocacy for participating youth
 • build leadership skills with a focus on community service and team building

As we acknowledge years of reaching communities through dance we believe that our current project Relevate youth has touched just the tip of the iceberg of some of the struggles our young people are dealing with on a daily basis.

We invite you to enquire how you can make an impact as we seek to address some of the challenges and bring through our partnerships coping skills, camaraderie and hope

How Can We RelevateLogo?

This unique project can be executed in various formats to fit your group’s programming:

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Single Dance Presentation:

Enhance your existing program or event with a dance performance


that fits your theme. Whether your audiences are children, teens or adult professionals, our dance presentation can help yo u maximize your message or event. Run times range from 4 to 10 minutes.

Relevate Workshop:

Our team will use dance as communication in an intimate setting. Participants will learn from professional dancers how to develop movement both as an outlet and expression as it relates to your area of concern. Workshops are approximately an hour in length and can be added to an existing event, or offered independently.

Lecture Demonstration/Performance:

Through a partnership with your organization, this interactive format combines dance and education. With a combination of dance performance, dialogue, and audience involvement, participants are more directly engaged and taught how dance connects to ideas and feelings experienced universally. Lecture demonstrations are typically between 30 and 60 minutes in length and can occur within or outside of a scholastic setting.

Relevate Residency:

A residency includes follow up workshops with a designated group over an extended period of time at your location. The purpose is to intensify understanding with multiple sessions while groups experience movement for personal or future use in a familiar environment. Residencies may close with a presentation from the participants to share what they have learned. The number of sessions and overall duration may vary based on your group needs.

“Relevate youth, raising the barre for their futures”

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