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West Chester Dance Works is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity entrusted to fulfill our mission of providing opportunities for all to receive exposure to the many benefits of dance. We fulfill this by training dancers and providing them and the community with access to the fullness of dance with its diversity of ideas, feelings, and styles.

West Chester Dance Works (WCDW) is a company comprised of four dynamic elements:

Signature/Training Company
DM Dance Machine
Annointed Dance
Junior Performers

Company members receive a unique experience encouraging physical, technical and artistic growth. Each group offers the community an opportunity to experience the art of dance with its diversity of ideas, impressions and styles.

WCDW Travel 2012-12-7 Maris Grove (479x640)

West Chester Dance Works encourages a heart for service. Company members realize and explore their talents as they share in the enrichment of our world — one community at a time. Society is starving for wholesome and elevating experiences. WCDW offers a model of unity and optimism that truly brings people together. This has been our impetus since the company’s inception in 1983.

West Chester Dance Works is in residence at The Diane Matthews School of Dance Arts.

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  1. A few years back West Chester Dance Works came to Adult Care of Chester County and entertained our clients with a delightful performance of one of your dance shows..
    I am wondering if you still do that for groups ?
    Thank you.
    Patricia DeHart

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