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Dance … nonverbal communication leaves an imprint on the senses of our communities. It uplifts, motivates, inspires, encourages and heals. It opens the door for an exchange of ideas, feelings and emotions regardless of ethnicity, socio–economic backgrounds, religion, race or creed by finding a common bond or goal by which our society can come together and grow.

The Can you Hear Me end pose (431x450)Signature and Training Company is a semi-professional modern dance company offering creative growth, performances experiences, lecture demonstrations, and residencies for artistic, cultural and educational outreach.

The current focus for this group is helping our youth and communities overcome the obtrusive barriers to healthy and productive lifestyles through our “Relevate Youth” project.

Auditions are held annually for experienced, committed dancers with a strong background in modern or jazz seeking personal growth and creative experiences, professional performances, community outreach and opportunities for uplifting others through dance.


Past performancesAnn and Candi Free Sight

  • Rose Tree Park, Media, Pa
  • Robin Hood Dell East, Philadelphia
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • Cheney University
  • West Chester University
  • Widener University
  • Chester County Historical Society
  • Valley Forge National Park
  • Greater Philadelphia and suburban area elementary, middle and high schools residencies and workshops
  • Collaborations and Concerts
  • Dance Festivals

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